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A luxury villa Croatia holiday isn’t only about the high spec villa…

by Saron Lease 18th Jan 2024

Booking a luxury villa holiday with other benefits for your Croatia holiday

Croatia is one of the top destinations in the world, and for good reason! Its beauty is mesmerising, the food is great, the sea is clean and clear. And a luxury villa Croatia is a wonderful option to capitalise on that. Croatia also does everything really well. For example,  it’s décor is on trend, it’s music is cool, its views are sublime and the sea is a dream. The beaches in Croatia are idyllic and uncrowded with so much beach to go around.  Croatia also has excellent, award winning wine and olive oil. It also has fantastic food – fresh fish herbs, great traditional dishes. A Croatia holiday gives you access to unrivalled coastline and a very high level of authenticity. Croatia hasn’t been overdeveloped and, for those in the know, this is its major appeal. The gold dust information for a luxury villa holiday in Croatia is simply ‘where’; where to stay, where to visit, where to eat… Whether you stay at a beach shack or a luxury villa in Croatia, it’s really just a different experience in loveliness!

Luxury Villa Croatia - Villa Mila   Luxury Villa Croatia - Villa T Dubrovnik    Luxury Villa Croatia

So then why book a luxury villa in Croatia? Because of course, there are still different levels of loveliness and luxury across all dynamics of your holiday. Here are our top five advantages of staying in a luxury villa Croatia:

1. It’s all about the Villa Location…

Booking the best location for your Croatian villa is really important. The best villa locations give you privacy yet proximity to the prettiest places and the most sublime beaches. If you want to walk to everything yet. There’s a reason why the Beckhams chose Lopud Island and the other Elafitti Islands off Dubrovnik. for their hideaway holiday in Croatia. In fact, there’s so much coast that you can book a villa in Croatia and have room to lounge. Choose a bay to yourself that can’t be reached except by boat. Or book a private island retreat.. or both – like BOWA on Sipan Island.

Luxury villa Croatia Locations
2.  The Best Villas

The best thing to do is to book with a specialist company who really knows the best villas. There’s a world of difference between booking a villa in Croatia off the internet with no knowledge of the place, and going to a specialist company. A specialist villa company knows the villas inside out and has personal relationships with the villa owner, the villa staff. They can answer all your questions so you can relax in the knowledge that you have the right expectations for your villa holiday. Priceless. You’ll get the kind of villa you want… Take Luxury Croatia Villas like beautiful Villa Mila on Brac Island. Or Villa Opus on Korcula Island below.. Whether that’s a superb sea view from the infinity pool, Croatian beach villas  or a contemporary villa on the sea. A specialist villa company will consult with you and suggest villas which meet the image in your mind.

Luxury villa Croatia

3. Villa Concierge to Arrange the Best Experiences

Croatia is all about what you do and how you do it. Having the inside track from someone who knows make all the difference. So a Villa Concierge is a real benefit. Luxury Croatia villas tend to have a Concierge but a good villa company will also have a Concierge service. Where to see the best sunsets, a boat and the perfect skipper to take you to the clearest swimming spots. Arrange bespoke tours of key sights and maybe also some that are less well known. And, of course, they know the right people. Priceless.

Luxury villa Croatia Experiences

4. The Best Restaurants & Chefs

While Croatia restaurants are generally of a great standard, the high-end restaurants in Croatia are luxurious. There are plenty of award winning restaurants in Croatia. Fine ingredients, superb service and wonderful locations. Or hire a chef at your villa and eat in house, in style.

Dubrovnik Old Town Restaurants
5. A Yacht with your Villa

There’s no better way to make the most of your Croatian villa holiday than to have a yacht moored next to your villa. Book a villa in Croatia with a mooring like Villa Mila at Puntinak on Brac Island and hire a knowledgeable local skipper. Or be captain yourself if you have a boat license. And explore magical turquoise bays and nearby islands. Getting out on a boat is really what it’s all about! One of the best things about Croatia that you may not know is that the coast of Croatia is completely accessible to everyone, by law. No one can build right on the sea or fence off the beach. So everywhere is literally accessible to you…

Luxury villa Croatia Yacht Hire


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