We understand you want to feel secure about booking your holiday with us…

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Please click here for information about Croatia & Covid-19 so that you can book with confidence.

Registered & Accountable

UK Limited Company: Croatia Gems Ltd is a reputable limited company registered in England & Wales at Companies House and was founded in 2004. As a limited company, we are liable, accountable and easily contactable.

Your Contract is with Croatia Gems

Your booking with us is strong because your contract is with Croatia Gems (rather than just an “Agent”, or ‘middle man’ like other websites you might come across). As such, we are the supplier of your villa and liable for your booking from start to finish.

When you book a villa with us, you can be reassured that your contract is with us and not with a local Croatian company or a Croatian villa owner. (This is reassuring because if you book with an “Agent” then they may only be liable for arranging your villa booking, and not your stay at the property.  Your contract would likely be with the villa owner and if that is the case, you may have little comeback there is a problem).

Adherence to Advertising Standards

As an English company, we must adhere to UK advertising standards rules and regulations so you can be sure that the information we supply is trustworthy, that the villas exist, and that the descriptions represent the properties accurately. Be aware that booking with a foreign villa owner directly does not offer you this protection or any comeback if information is inaccurate or misleading.


As an English company we must, by law, have the correct public liability and professional indemnity insurances in place – we are happy to provide details if you wish us to supply them for your peace of mind. We must also provide villa owner contracts to our insurance company for their seal of approval.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Our full booking Terms & Conditions are on our website and it is no problem to clarify any part of it if you need us to, please feel free to ask any questions.

We know our Villas & Villa Owners Personally

We have strong relationships and contracts with our villa owners and know them well since we frequently visit them and their villas in Croatia. We have worked with most villa owners for over 10 years. We also have Croatian staff and a sound cultural knowledge of Croatia and its people so our communication on the ground is strong.

Complaints & Problems

We have a comprehensive complaints procedure which protects you and ensures that any complaint you make is dealt with properly and thoroughly. We are available 24 hours a day on the ground in Croatia and in England in case of any issue. We take your holiday very seriously and react immediately if you need help with anything. Where there is a problem, we go to great lengths to ensure it is rectified and our guests are very happy.

Where do we stand with Abta & Atol?

Abta & Atol are relevant to package holidays which include flights, to protect customers against problems with individual elements of their package. As an ‘Accommodation Only’ supplier, Croatia Gems is not a package holiday supplier and so membership of Abta & Atol is not applicable to us. If you are concerned about booking,  standard industry advice for booking accommodation separately (i.e. not as part of a package holiday) is to pay using a credit card to protect against fraud or insolvency with any company you might book goods or services with. Check with your credit card company what you are covered for.

Credit Card Protection

Usually, if you pay a company for goods or services using your credit card, you are protected when you pay £100 or over, so a good way to protect yourself is to pay for part of your holiday using your credit card and we are happy for you to pay in this way if you wish. Please do of course check with your own credit card supplier what their terms are and what specific cover they provide.

Consistently Good Guest Reviews

Please be reassured that we are a long standing company with a good reputation and many very happy customers! We pride ourselves on attention to detail and our personal approach and we are always contactable for any questions you may have. As our guest reviews show, your holiday is really important to us and we work tirelessly to ensure that you have the best time possible.