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Should I be concerned about Brexit?

With all the media coverage of Brexit at the moment, anyone would be forgiven for being a bit concerned about the possible implications for travel and booking holidays. Government and industry advice is to book as usual, and we are currently busier with bookings and enquiries than last year, however we are being asked a few questions so please see below some general information:

Are you Abta bonded? What if my flight is cancelled because of Brexit and I can’t get to the villa I have paid for?

We are not a package holiday supplier and therefore Abta is not applicable however, according to advice we have received from a number of travel insurance companies, it would appear that the cost of your holiday villa would be covered (and your flight by the flight provider) in the event that flights were unexpectedly cancelled because of Brexit and you could not get to your villa. Obviously you would need to check your policy with your own specific insurer to make sure that this is the case and if not, set up a policy which would cover you if you are worried.

The insurers we spoke to also advised to make sure that you get a good quality travel insurance policy that would cover you for the accommodation you have booked and not a cheaper policy that may not cover you or which may only cover you for up to a certain amount of the cost of it. They also said that there will not likely be any changes in policies until after March 2019, if at all (so perhaps a good opportunity to get travel insurance now), and that after that point, the cost of insurance might go up. We have been assured that most companies have contingency plans in place anyway as there have been 2 years to prepare for the worst possible scenarios.


Government & Travel Industry Comments on EU Provisions announced for a ‘No Deal’ Brexit

According to the Independant: The chief executive of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), Mark Tanzer, said: “UK citizens take over 50 million trips a year to Europe and it is the number one place people plan to visit next year. Today both the UK government and the European Commission reiterated that flights will continue to operate between the UK and the EU after Brexit, and we welcome the transport secretary’s clear statement that travellers can continue to book with confidence.”

Tim Alderslade, chief executive of Airlines UK, the industry association that represents 13 UK carriers, said of the EU ‘No Deal’ provisions: “This is yet further clarity that flights will continue between the UK and EU even in the event of a no-deal Brexit, as we have always said”.


Where do we stand with Abta?

ABTA has said: “There is nothing to suggest that you will not be able to continue with your holiday plans after 29 March”.

Abta is relevant to package holidays which include flights, to protect customers against problems with individual elements of their package. As an ‘Accommodation Only’ supplier, Croatia Gems is not a package holiday supplier and so membership of Abta is not applicable to us. Our contracts are made direct with the villa owners and we are fully insured with the Travel Industry. If you are concerned about booking, the standard industry advice for booking accommodation separately (i.e. not as part of a package holiday) is to make sure you have a good quality travel insurance policy which should cover prepaid elements of your holiday, and to pay using a credit card to protect against fraud or insolvency with any company you might book goods or services with. (Check with your credit card company what you are covered for.)