Croatia is very a child focused country and works well for children -there are a nice selection of Croatia villas perfect for children in the various locations up and down the coast. There are villas with playgrounds and games rooms, villas on the beach, villas with small children’s pools and villas with plenty of activities and excursions possible nearby.  We’ve identified villas perfect for children here as having a child friendly element making these villas more suitable or attractive to families with children but please note that of, of course, supervision of children is always advised at all times.

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Villa Nova Kuca, Sumartin, Brac Island (35)
Villa Nova Kuca, Sumartin, Brac Island (26)

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Croatia Villas Perfect for Children

It’s great to know if where you are going caters for children as that can really help you to know where might be more suitable! We’ve put together the most child friendly Croatia villas perfect for children in as many ways as possible in our opinion. These villas have the most child friendly aspects or have child friendly elements and we have based our selection of child friendly villas on our experience of visiting them, their facilities, and other amenities nearby. The villas in this section may have play grounds at the house or very nearby. They may have children rooms – rooms with separated beds, bunk beds, cots, and possibly have some children’s furniture, toys, etc. Some of houses have sports grounds for mini football, badminton, table tennis, trampoline, swings, see-saws, sandboxes, etc. Many of them have grassy areas in the garden where children can play. Many of them have a pool which has a graduated bottom so there is a shallow end. And many of them have fences around the property. Please note, this section does not guarantee these villas are completely safe or child friendly but suggests villas that have child friendly elements.

It goes without saying that beachside villas like large Croatia villa Villa Tika on Brac Island are the most popular with children. This is even more so where the villa has a pool as well!

For small families, check out new Villa Sunchani in sought after Cavtat Bay, Dubrovnik which is perfect for a family villa holiday with children.

Some villas have football pitches or badminton courts making them perfect for children and very family friendly villas. Do bear in mind that swimming pools are not usually fenced or gated although some are – one great villa with a gated pool is Villa Nova Kuca in super Sumartin Bay. This is a wonderful area for family holidays so certainly worth a look. Split is another good area for a family and child friendly villa holiday so check out the best Croatia family villas to rent around Split.

If you would like to ask more details about how child friendly villas are or have questions about specific villas we will do our best to help give you the guidance or information you need. Do call us to book or reserve any properties that you like though as it is very busy. Most properties start booking up to a year in advance so they book up fast. If you’d like us to hold a villa or apartment for you, just let us know – we can reserve them for 48 hours for you while you look at flights and organise your group.