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Croatia Vacation – Villa Vacation Rentals to Explore the Mediterranean

by Saron Lease 23rd February 2024

With flights to Croatia back in full swing from the US, a Croatia vacation is back on the cards in a big way!

Indeed, visitors from the US are well up with feedback very positive and guests thrilled with the likes of Dubrovnik and Split and the Croatian islands. Croatia vacation villas are one of the most popular ways to do it. When are you coming..!

Captivating Croatia

Croatia is a captivating destination and truly is ‘the Mediterranean as it once was’. With picturesque old towns by the sea edge, terracotta roofs and pretty turquoise coves it’s heavenly. And there’s so much history to take in – from Stunning UNESCO Dubrovnik Old Town to the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace in Split Old Town to the Venetian and Austrian-Hungarian Empire influence, Croatia is at the heart of European history. Read more here about the wonderful Croatia locations you can visit…

Stunning Scenery

Then of course there’s the stunning coastline and a multitude of islands to lose yourself in! The scenery is out of this world. The real draw of Croatia is its authenticity, and the locations are unspoilt. The beauty and simplicity of a Croatia vacation is the attraction of this place. The only thing that can possibly beat it is hiring a skipper and getting out on a boat for a day to explore some of the incredible coastline. You’ll find bays with clear, turquoise water filled with olive trees and the scent of pine trees. The warm sun and chirping sound of the cicadas are a totally relaxing assault on the senses! Immerse yourself in the full Mediterranean experience! A spot of lunch, in a beautiful island bay with crisp local chilled white wine from nearby winery, the grapes grown on the hillside vineyard and the scenic is complete.

Mediterranean Food & Wine

The Croatian cuisine is very Mediterranean, fresh fish, olives, wonderfully scented, golden olive oil, wonderful cheeses, figs and pomegranates, almonds – lots of fresh organic produce grows locally and is used in the restaurants, fishermen supply their daily catch. It’s heaven even at its most basic. But the Croatian culinary scene has been featuring strongly in the Michelin Guide of late too – from Dubrovnik in the south, to Sibenik in the middle, and Istria in the north, all have Michelin star restaurants that are incredible – so treat yourself. The restaurant locations alone are out of this world, in centuries old buildings and towns. The everyday standard of cooking and service generally is also very good indeed with a good stock of produce in the local supermarkets and fruit and vegetable markets. So self-catering villas are a great option.

Best Croatia Vacation Spots for Villas?

So where to head for? Many people want to try to fit many places into a trip or island hop down the coast, but remember that there are many old towns and windy roads to factor in, it is hot, and, possibly most importantly, the Croatian pace of things is rather enjoyably slow! There’s even a word in southern Croatia that defines the art of just enjoying ‘being’! So, our advice is to base yourself in a good location and then make visits from there. Rather than being constantly in transit this is far more enjoyable and you will make more of your stay.

Itinerary Ideas for a Croatia Vacation

For example, book a week Croatia vacation villa in Dubrovnik or Split, and then a week in a villa on an island like Brac, Hvar or Korcula island. In this way you truly experience the essence of both sides of Croatia. Within any one of those areas there are different types of localities from fishing villages to trendy quartiers, old towns to hidden bays, tradition, culture music and historic sites. Alternatively, we’d recommend a week n a villa on the Dubrovnik Riviera in a fishing village type location, somewhere like Mlini Bay close to Dubrovnik Old Town and then a few days in Dubrovnik Old Town itself. In that way you get to experience the fabulous atmosphere of the old town but the fishing village ambiance too. There is much to0 explore on the Dubrovnik Riviera and Mlini is a central base to do just that. There are other similar locations on the Split Riviera. You can also choose an island for a few days instead of an old town too! Or how about a few days in the wine region?

In the same way, there are many options for your rental villa in Croatia too. Ultra contemporary villas, or old stone traditional villas. Villas with the wow factor, or Croatian villas on the beach. There are villas close to everything, child friendly villas, large villas and villas for small families or couples.

If you’d like our advice and suggestions on how to make a success of your Croatia vacation we are happy to help. Just call or email us and we’ll discuss your ideas and requirements with you and recommend some locations, villas and the best way to go about your trip…

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