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Croatia villa in Istria – most beautiful beaches

By Croatia Gems, 21st February 2022

Top most beautiful beaches in Istria, Croatia – from small coves to the paradise islands

Photos – © Pula Tourist-Board, Istria Tourist Board Igor Zirojevic, Rovinj Tourist Board, Porec Tourist Board


You may have already chosen your Croatia villa in Istria, so have a look at these lovely beaches to seek out:


Rovinj is a beautiful old town jutting into the sea with pretty colourful houses and winding, medieval streets – it has 22 islands off the coast.

1. Red Island

On the largest island of Rovinj archipelago, with which islets St. Andrew and Maskin are connected by an embankment , there are many beautiful beaches. Most visited are the ones on the island of St. Andrew on the south side, near the Hotel Istra. The beach is pebbly.

Besides enjoying the sun, here are offered numerous water sports and various sport equipment that will enrich the day spent on the island.

On the western side, there are several high rocks that are a favourite jumping spots, and some less visited beaches.

Rovinj Croatia villa in istria

Photos – © Rovinj_Istria-Tourist-Board-Igor-Zirojevic-2


2. Bay Gustinja

The easiest way to reach the bay from your Croatia villa in Istria is by sea. If you arrive by car, you will need to park near the bay Cisterna and proceed on foot. In the bay, you will find hidden beaches that are ideal for naturists. The two most beautiful are sandy beaches sprinkled with white stones that gently immerse in a clear blue sea. Because of the inaccessibility of the bay, it is never crowded; and underwater diving enthusiasts will be delighted.


Rabac is unusual for being on the eastern side of the Istria peninsula instead of the west.

3. Beach Girandella

Below the tourist resorts Girandella in Rabac, there is a beautiful pebble beach with some rocky and paved areas. On the beach you can rent deck chairs, pedal boats, and you can have fun and various activities such as banana rides and water skiing. The waterfront is suitable for biking or rolling, as well as a pleasant walk with the scent of pines.

4. Beach Ravni

Ravni is a quiet place on the eastern coast of Istria, near the town of Rabac. There are no excessive crowds, so you can rest in peace in harmony with nature. Beaches are concrete and partly gravel and are popular among local people. Ravni is a well known surfer destination because of favourable winds, and crystal clear and deep-sea attracts many divers.


Porec’s old town is beautiful and juts out into the Adriatic Sea.

Porec Croatia villa in Istria

Photos – © Porec-Istria-Porec-Tourist-Board


5. Beach Brulo

It is located south of the town of Porec, near the famous tourist resorts and a couple of hotels. The beach is part rocky, part pebbles and sunbathing platforms, and part covered with fine grass.

The sports centre for water sports offers a variety of interesting sports activities, and nearby are numerous restaurants and hotels with great entertainment throughout the day, especially at night.


6. Beach Sol – Polynesia Katoro

In the village of Katoro near Umag, there is apartment complex Sol Polynesia with a variety of tourist attractions. Next to the beach are two open attractive pools and spacious grassy areas where you can have fun playing football or badminton.

The beach is partly paved; some parts are rocky, and due to cleanliness and tidiness of the sea, it has been awarded the Blue Flag. Beach Polynesia is in some parts sheltered by large pine trees which provide plenty of shade. Take note: part of the beach is reserved for naturists!


7. Marlera

Ližnjan is a small fishing village near Medulin. Its long coastline is dotted with numerous rocky and stony beaches, and in the town there is a beautiful pebble beach Marlera. Nearby is attractive island Levan with one of the most beautiful sandy beaches.

8. Beach Ambrela

Probably the most popular beach of Pula is located in the tourist complex Punta Verudela, four miles from the historic centre of town.

Pebble Beach attracts many foreign and domestic guests. The beach is popular for shallows that provide a gentle entry into the sea, and stone pebbles on the beach.


Not as well known as some other locations, Banjole is a super base for your Croatia villa in Istria. A short transfer from Pula airport, it has everything you need for a super Croatia family holiday.

9. Centinera beach

Gently sloping access to the sea so just right for families with small children, the beach is fringed with Mediterranean pines for seeking out shade. There are some inflatables for children, and restaurants and bars nearby. Can get busy.


10. Beach Stupice

Premantura is located on the tip of the Istrian peninsula, surrounded by blue waters and small islands. On this green peninsula, a well known Stupice camp is located, with a nice pebble beach that is partly rocky, as well as the coast of the peninsula.

11. Beach Cape Kamenjak

The coast of Cape Kamenjak stretches for about 30kms revealing many bays, inlets and beaches. The clear blue sea and unspoiled natural beauty attracts many tourists looking for peace.

Kamenjak has several sandy beaches suitable for families with children, but the coast is mostly rocky with flat rocks to bathe from. Kamenjak is well known diving destination due to its rich seabed. In the southern part there are strong sea currents and swimmers are advised caution, but conditions are ideal for surfers.

Photos – © Pula Tourist-Board, Istria Tourist Board Igor Zirojevic, Rovinj Tourist Board, Porec Tourist Board
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