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Croatia Yacht Show – 1-3 October 2024 at Zadar Cruise Port, Croatia

By Saron Lease, 16th March 2024

This year’s Croatia Yacht Show will take place 1-3 October 2024 at Zadar Cruise Port, Croatia. The dates follow on seamlessly from the previous week’s Monaco Yacht Show and will offer specially chartered flights from there to participants. This is the place to view super yachts, buy them, and buy services, management and crews. It will be a showcase of vendors of supply and yacht management companies, luxury transfer providers on land, sea, and air, yacht tenders, water toys, accessories, various service providers, etc.

As a primary mission it has the promotion of Croatia as a superyacht destination, as well as the promotion of the country as a growing crewed charter market.

As an idea of the market, it is estimated that 100 crewed yachts are managed by roughly 30-40 companies. These companies and their crews will meet up with retail brokers from all over the world. The respective yachts will host meetings, and the impetus for these meetings will be assisted and scheduled by matchmaking software!

Why Zadar for this extravaganza? Zadar is within reach to all Adriatic-based yachts. The new infrastructure of the Zadar Cruise Port offers sufficient space for 100+ superyachts, as well as several mega-yachts. Even with the substantial future growth of the Croatia Yacht Show, the location will remain suitable in the longer term.

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