Discover the Power of Chilies in Croatia

By Saron Lease, 16th February 2022

It’s official – Croatians have at last discovered the pleasure of eating the humble chili. That burning sensation in the mouth is not something that Croatians took to easily, but now the chili is gradually finding its place in Croatian cuisine. It’s not unsurprising really as eating chilies stimulates your body to produce feel-good endorphins!

As part of this revolution Hvarbanesco, a family run chili growing operation on Hvar, is using the Croatian sun, kind wind and mild Mediterranean climate to produce innovative hot products to delight chili-lovers:  from sauces, to spices, marmalades and chocolates.

The owner Bane explained “The Hvar area has proven to be extremely suitable for growth of the hottest peppers of the world- in our fields you can currently find peppers such as Jalapeno, Jamaican Red Hot, Red Habanero, Bhut Jolokia and Carolina Reaper- currently bearing the title of the hottest pepper in the whole wide world!

The wide range of products offer a unique experience of spiciness and satisfaction not only for the lovers of spicy hot food but for the adventure seekers looking for something utterly unique.

We at Croatia Gems were particularly amused by the name of their delicious CiliLade, a chili marmalade, which is a play on the Croatian pronunciation of marmalade which emphasises the ‘de’ sound at the end of the word. Chilies in Croatia are go!

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