Private Transfers to Dubrovnik Locations, Korcula Island & Peljesac etc…

If you have an early flight arrival, concerns about getting to your villa, or just want a seamless transfer so you arrive feeling refreshed, why not let us help you arrange a private transfer?

Local providers arrange, co-ordinate and oversee all transfers on guest’s behalf so that you can get on with enjoying your holiday as soon as possible…

Feel free to enquire and we’ll get back to you, or call us for a chat or more information on UK +44 (0) 117 409 0850
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Dubrovnik Old Town & Banje Beach from Ploce TH

Prices are one way in Croatian Kuna / Approx £
Price Each WayCroatian Kn£
Car (Up to 3 Guests)
Airport - Cavtat / Car240,00 kn28,57 GBP
Airport - Mlini / Car280,00 kn33,33 GBP
Airport - Dubrovnik Area / Car320,00 kn38,10 GBP
Airport - Brgat / Car320,00 kn38,10 GBP
Airport - Zaton, Orasac / Car400,00 kn47,62 GBP
Airport - Trsteno/Brsecine / Car470,00 kn55,95 GBP
Airport - Slano Area / Car590,00 kn70,24 GBP
Airport - Neum / Klek / Car820,00 kn97,62 GBP
Dubrovnik City Transfers / Car125,00 kn14,88 GBP
Airport - Molunat / Car460,00 kn54,76 GBP
Airport - Ston Area / Car775,00 kn92,26 GBP
Airport - Trstenik (Peljesac) / Car890,00 kn105,95 GBP
Airport - Orebic Area (Peljesac)/ Car1.000,00 kn119,05 GBP
Split Airport - Dubrovnik / Car1.900,00 kn226,19 GBP
Car (Up to 4 Guests)
Van (Up to 8 Guests)
Airport - Cavtat / Van280,00 kn33,33 GBP
Airport - Mlini / Van300,00 kn35,71 GBP
Airport - Dubrovnik Area / Van340,00 kn40,48 GBP
Airport - Brgat / Van340,00 kn40,48 GBP
Airport - Zaton, Orasac / Van420,00 kn50,00 GBP
Airport - Trsteno/Brsecine / Van510,00 kn60,71 GBP
Airport - Slano Area / Van620,00 kn73,81 GBP
Airport - Neum / Klek / Van900,00 kn107,14 GBP
Dubrovnik City Transfers / Van150,00 kn17,86 GBP
Airport - Molunat / Van490,00 kn58,33 GBP
Airport - Ston Area / Van820,00 kn97,62 GBP
Airport - Trstenik (Peljesac) / Van950,00 kn113,10 GBP
Airport - Orebic Area (Peljesac) / Van1.200,00 kn142,86 GBP
Split Airport - Dubrovnik / Van2.250,00 kn267,86 GBP
Large Van (Up to 16 Guests)
Airport - Cavtat / Large Van525,00 kn62,50 GBP
Airport - Mlini / Large Van580,00 kn
69,05 GBP
Airport - Dubrovnik Area / Large Van650,00 kn77,38 GBP
Airport - Brgat / Large Van650,00 kn77,38 GBP
Airport - Zaton, Orasac / Large Van800,00 kn95,24 GBP
Airport - Trsteno/Brsecine / Large Van975,00 kn116,07 GBP
Airport - Slano Area / Large Van1.200,00 kn142,86 GBP
Airport - Neum / Klek / Large Van1.800,00 kn214,29 GBP
Dubrovnik City Transfers / Large Van300,00 kn35,71 GBP
Airport - Molunat / Large Van950,00 kn113,10 GBP
Airport - Ston Area / Large Van1.600,00 kn190,48 GBP
Airport - Trstenik (Peljesac) / Large Van1.900,00 kn226,19 GBP
Airport - Orebic Area (Peljesac) / Large Van2.400,00 kn285,71 GBP
Split Airport - Dubrovnik / Large Van4.250,00 kn505,95 GBP
**Important note: since there is a shortage of large vans in Dubrovnik area, especially during the summer season, supplier reserves the right to do large van transfer using two smaller vans instead with no extra charge to the guest


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Any contract or arrangement you enter into for Additional Services is with the supplier of the services concerned and not Croatia Gems, and the 3rd party supplier’s terms and conditions will apply.


Prices are per transfer (one way). Payment should be made to the driver for return transfers on arrival. Transfers to other, non listed, locations are also possible – please enquire for a quote. Prices are available upon request. Prices are in Croatian KUNA, with Croatian VAT included.


Cash and credit card payments are accepted and are due in full on arrival. GBP prices are estimated and are intended as a guide the actual price in GBP depends on the exchange rate obtained by you.

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