Painting eggs is one of the most important and entertaining traditions at Easter in Croatia and there are numerous techniques and motifs that are done in various regions, however, a few years ago, painters from the Croatian region of Podravina decided to make it a bit more interesting – they started meeting in the town of Koprivnica and painting huge model eggs, around 2 metres tall, which they adorned with traditional motifs of the region!

The entire project was conceived as a way of nurturing the tradition of ‘naive painting’, as CCTV.com reports. The naive painting style is a simple, self taught, technique, depicting scenes from country living and village panoramas. Eggs from Koprivnica have become very popular in Croatia as they were previously sent to numerous towns and cities to be displayed in public areas. These eggs have previously made their way to cities like Prague, Brussels, Vienna, New York, Los Angeles, and many more. According to www.vecernji.hr they also headed to Montenegro, Riga (previous European capital of culture), and Paris, along with many Croatian cities as well.

Those who spent at least one Easter in Croatia have no doubt witnessed the importance this country places on this religious holiday. Along with modern decorations on public places and various discounts or actions done by local job owners, no tourist can deny the ancient traditions still alive among the people of Croatia.

This spring, while you are enjoying your Croatian holiday in any of the major cities, look for one of giant Easter eggs from Koprivnica. They truly are a wonderful site and a fond reminder of the beauty and value of local customs.

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Giant Easter Eggs of Koprivnica

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