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When most of us are thinking about soaking up the sun in villas in Croatia with pool, easyJet has a handy flight sale on!

By Croatia Gems, 1st April 2024

The advertisements are offering “up to 20% off 700,000 seats”, so definitely worth checking out whilst you are looking to book your Croatia villa holiday. Vouchers can also be used in payment. The sale ends 11pm on 10th January. There are conditions, but certainly worth a look.

It’s always worth noting that most villas in Croatia rent out from the Saturday and for 7 or 14 nights. You’ll know that weekend flights tend to be the most expensive, but we have a hack to help with that.

Croatia Gems’ cost saving hack

Croatia Gems’ hack is to travel a few days early, stay in a cheap B&B or apartment for a few nights. Then you can transfer to your holiday villa on the Saturday. So this allows you to book cheaper and more available flights. The cost savings will more than compensate for the additional nights’ accommodation. Our villa guests have proved our hack works by saving money!

For the extra nights we suggest staying somewhere totally different to your villa location. So maybe a B&B in a fab UNESCO historic centre like Dubrovnik, or Split old towns, or lovely Trogir. And then move to one if the villas in Croatia with pool on the Saturday for the week. Our guests have loved their enhanced Croatia holidays as they have had the best of both worlds. They can live for a few days like a local in the heart of an historic city followed by a week in a relaxing villa with private pool.

In summary

So, whilst we think now is a great time to book flights, be aware that most villas rent from the Saturday. If you book weekday flights now and end up looking for a villa for midweek dates, you will be severely reducing your choice. Add a few nights on to the beginning and/or end of your break and you can usually save money on flights!

Photo © easyJet

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