Sibenik by Sergio Gobbo via Croatian National Tourist Board
Sibenik - Krka Waterfalls Excursion from Split & Trogir (14)

Head for Sibenik and Enjoy its Renaissance

By Saron Lease, 23rd January 2019

According to the Washington Post, (and we at Croatia Gems agree), sleepy Sibenik (pronounced she-be (like ‘be’ in bed)-nick) is having a renaissance, so now is the time to discover it.

Sibenik is located about half way along the Dalmatian coast, north of Split, and close to the National Parks.

With two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, namely St. Nicholas Fortress and the Cathedral of St James, the recent award of a Michelin star to restaurant Pelegrini, the opening of vegan bistro restaurant SHE, the focus on the town made by a starring role as as Braavos in Season 5 of Game of Thrones, the recent opening of boutique hotels in the town centre, and the hosting of a variety of high profile cultural events, the Washington Post suggests that in “Taking small measured steps, respectful of the ground it walks on, immersed in heritage and tradition, Sibenik is on the slow rise to Croatia’s hall of fame.”

Photo © croatia.hr & Sergio Gobbo via Croatian National Tourist Board

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