When planning a Croatian holiday, travelers have an uneasy task of deciding where to go and what to see – often they will ask about what is best of Croatia and what places are a must see. Truth is, regardless of its small size, Croatia is a very diverse and beautiful country, and the choice for the most beautiful spots in the country is very individual.

Huffington Post made their own top lists of Croatian hotspots. The list itself is interesting, but more so are the reasons for each of the entry.
1. Dubrovnik
First choice for many, Dubrovnik is hailed as a UNESCO protected heritage site and probably the most important tourism brand in the country. Author suggests visiting the City Walls and taking a ride in the cable car to the top of Mount Srdj.

2. Plitvice Lakes National Park
Splendid miracle of nature, with its 16 lakes, thick forest, and high cliffs. Plitvice is one of the nature lovers’ must see locations in Croatia

3. Zagorje Region
Region of Croatia between the capital city of Zagreb and the border of Slovenia. Picturesque landscape, small villages, old castles and historical towns, all waiting to be explored.

4. Makarska
Seaside town between Dubrovnik and Split, set under mount Biokovo. Great choice for families and people looking to enjoy the beaches and other sea activities.

5. Mljet National Park
The greenest of Croatian islands, Mljet represents a wonderful getaway for all those wanting to immerse in nature and forget about urban living.

6. Split
Centre of Dalmatia region of the country and a bustling entertainment hotspot. Also home to many Roman era ruins.

7. Peljesac Peninsula
Another spot in the south of the country. Renowned as the top wine growing (and tasting) region, Peljesac encompasses numerous villages and provides wonderful scenery, top sea food and wine, and even some extreme sports options.

8. Rovinj
Rovinj is a leading up and coming European destination, and it’s not difficult to understand why to anyone who had a chance to visit this Istrian gem.

9. Zagreb
Croatian capital city boasting a medieval Old Town district, interesting museums, good restaurant offer, and a myriad of entertainment options, especially during the winter when most of the coast is very quiet.

10. Kornati Islands
Another national park on the list. This archipelago of 140 small islands makes for a nautical and scuba diving paradise.

Some will approve of this list, the others will have their own places that need to be included, but it is hard to imagine there would be anyone out there not tempted by any of the entries. Croatia confirms its reputation as a land of great beauty and appeal. Don’t miss it.

Dubrovnik Old Town
Dubrovnik Old Town

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