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Top Tip on How to Avoid Those Expensive Weekend Flights to Croatia

by Croatia Gems, 7th May 2022

Weekend flight costs can be exorbitant, so how can you get around paying them?

So you’ve set your heart on a villa, and you’ve asked the rental company to hold it for you whilst you check out flights, and then reality hits when you see the prices of those weekend flights!

A Top Tip from us here at Croatia Gems is to come a few days early, thereby using cheaper and more available flights, have a few days in a hotel or B&B (perhaps in a fab historic centre like Split for example) and then move to your lovely villa on the Saturday for the week.

The advantages are that you can save a lot of money, even when factoring in the extra accommodation costs, and you get to experience another location during the same holiday! As an example, we’ve just heard from a large group who have rented one of our large Cavtat villas in July, that they have booked into a couple of apartments within the walls of Dubrovnik Old Town for two nights before their booking and have saved a great deal of money by getting outbound Thursday flights – they are very excited to be staying in the atmospheric old town.

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