Villa Paradise, Orasac, Dubrovnik (27)
Villa Arymor Okrug Gornji Split Rivera TH 4
Villa Turquoise, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (194)
Puntinka Beach under Villa Mirela Godistar Tika near Panorama
Villa Turquoise, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik (6)
Villa Turquoise, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (16)
Villa Marissa, Okrug Gornji, Split Riviera (60)
Sumartin Bay, Brac Island (4)

How to Plan Holidays at Villas in Croatia for Rent?

by Saron Lease 7th March 2023

Inside tips on the best way to go about organising your Croatian villa stay

If you haven’t checked out villas in Croatia for rent on villa before then you are in for a treat! Unlike many Mediterranean holiday villa locations, Croatia is mostly unspoilt and has also managed to escape the huge building development along its coast. So, the villages and beaches in Croatia remain pristine and uncrowded. As a result, villa holidays in Croatia are quite an exclusive affair. Especially compared to the mass markets of other popular traditional Mediterranean holiday countries like Spain, for example. Indeed, that’s where a large part of Croatia’s appeal comes from.

Best Choice of Croatian Villas…

But how do you start planning a Croatia villa holiday? The first thing to know is that Croatian villas are in demand. The flip side of lovely unbuilt-up coast is that comparatively speaking, there aren’t as many holiday villas, as elsewhere. There don’t tend to be villa complexes or multiple villas on beaches. There are a limited number of villas in the really good Croatian locations and when they are booked they are booked. The best villas in Croatia for rent (the beach villas in Croatia, and the villas close to everything) are snapped up early on. So if you want to have a choice of the best options and get the best Croatian villa, book at least a year in advance. By January in the year you want to travel, booking will be well underway. In fact, if you want a good choice, book by early January.

Croatia Villas Locations…

Location is key to any holiday. But how do you know the best locations for villa holidays in Croatia? The best thing to do is speak to someone who knows Croatia. Asking someone who lives there isn’t always the best idea as where they might stay could be different to someone visiting for just a week or two. So, a specialist Croatia villa company is a good source of information as they know what works for a short stay villa holiday in Croatia. Equally, they know how to make the most of a short stay and where the best locations are. It’s like asking a friend who has been there and getting the inside track before you book. If you want to walk to everything, they can save you hours of research as they already know the locations inside out. They also know the particularly lovely areas that you wouldn’t want to miss.

It is worth saying also though, that Croatia is famed for its authenticity. The locations are beautiful but it isn’t all purpose built – it isn’t Disneyland. And that, of course, is a good thing. These are all family owned villas and places where people live – that’s what makes it all so special. Therefore be prepared to compromise a bit on what you thought you wanted. The tendency nowadays is to research every small piece of where you will be, but the magic is only really apparent when you get there. When you do get there it will all make sense and you’ll see that the small locations and villa set-ups all work very well. There really is nothing like actually being in Croatia and it is so different and more unspoilt than other Mediterranean destinations.

Villas near Croatia Beaches?

With the Croatian coast so in demand, villas near Croatia beaches go fast. But there are lots of different types of beaches in Croatia so it’s good to know what you want. And what you want as a foreign holiday maker might be different to what a local might favour. Croatian beaches are nothing if not practical – many have good facilities and beach bars. But check that the beach near your villa has shade in some shape or form! Especially if you have children. Many of the beautiful beaches in Croatia are wild and may not have sun umbrellas or facilities so it’s worth checking. Likewise, if you want off the beaten track beaches, then make sure your villa beach isn’t a family oriented beach with inflatable playpark!

There is so much coastline that it’s hard to navigate where is best to stay, and co-ordinating your villa rental with making the most of the area can be tricky. Don’t underestimate the value of good advice as it can make the difference between a frustrating holiday and a great holiday!

What about the Choosing the Best Villa?

Last but not least, the villa itself! With an increasing choice of Croatian villas with pools, how do you chose your ideal villa in Croatia? And how do you make sure it will work for your group? Some of the larger villas are particularly good for multigenerational groups. The best for these groups are usually in locations which have something for everyone. Where the youngsters can go off for some independence without having to be ferried around by adults. Or where the amenities at the villa are particularly good for those wanting to stay put. Maybe a ground floor en-suite room is essential for granny and grandpa. Lots to factor in, but these villas tend to book early by well-organised groups.

So many villas are being touted on the internet by ‘who knows who’ these days, meaning it’s hard to be sure you can trust the information about the villa and vicinity. Again, a good and very importantly, specialist villa company is worth its weight in gold. They know the villas and the villa owners and so they can vouch for the quality of the villa and the villa set up. They also know about extra services that may be on offer at the villa and if the villa has a concierge service. Information about the best Croatia excursions and the best way to do them is seriously helpful! They can also recommend the best restaurants in Croatia, transfer suppliers and have the local knowledge to make sure you have the best experience all round at any villas in Croatia for rent for your villa holiday in Croatia!

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