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Hvar Town, Hvar Island Excursion TH

Stunning Views from the Venetian Fortess overlooking Hvar Town & Islands


It’s a bit of a climb but if you are up for the hike, the views from the fortress which overlooks Hvar Town and the Pakleni Islands are pretty stupendous so it’s worth the walk – Built during the era of the Venetian empire, a visit to the fortress makes for an interesting look back at the history of that period and prior – There has been a fort here since 2000 years ago during the Illyrian time and subsequent civilisations have added to it. See the collection of amphora and other objects from further back to medieval times. Also see if you can find the door to the tunnel which, according to locals, goes from the fortress to the port for use in times of attack! Known locally as “Spanjola”, there’s a cafe at the top but do take some water as it can be hot in the sunshine. This makes for a good morning or afternoon activity – and some wonderful photographs…

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