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Reasons to Book a villa with pool, Croatia

by Saron Lease 30th March 2024

So, what is so great about Croatia? The response to that must be, ‘how long have you got?’. Here’s a flavour to be going on with…

Croatia is a thoroughly modern EU country that is a joy to visit. It prides itself on its tourism offer whilst making great strides to ensure the amenity of the very residents that welcome tourists, is preserved as far as possible.

Scenery and Environment

It is indisputable that Croatia’s environment and scenery are impressive. Its very long coastline and myriad of islands fringing the Adriatic Sea grants magnificent sea views, epic sunsets, romantic hidden coves and crystal-clear water. Villages cling to the coastline offering a variety of settings for a villa with pool, Croatia.

Whilst the UK finds itself with the outrageous situation of sewage filled beaches, Croatia magnificently achieves 98% rating for bathing water quality. Very little tidal differences and currents, make it safe for swimming and there are always gently shelving beaches to be found for the little ones.

But not all is gentle and calm – head to the Orebic area on the Peljesac peninsula to make the most of the great sea conditions for windsurfing and sailing. On Brac? Head for Bol town and the shape shifting Zlatni Rat beach for off-shore windy conditions to challenge yourself.

Croatia looks after its environment, with 444 protected areas of Croatia covering 9% of the country. Included are 8 National Parks, 2 strictly protected nature reserves and 11 nature parks (Wikipedia). It’s all there for you to enjoy.


We can certainly attest to how safe Croatia feels. And indeed, Croatia is one of the safest in Europe with a very low crime rate. Bad behaviour, inappropriate dress and drunkenness are frowned upon.


UNESCO has awarded ten sites World heritage Status to Croatia (8 cultural and 2 natural) with many more under consideration (the ‘Tentative List’). Probably the most famous protected area and Croatia’s oldest national park is the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you’d expect Dubrovnik Old Town heads the UNESCO list, but don’t miss others, for example both Trogir and Split old towns, Sibenik Cathedral etc.

The country loves its festivals and it’s likely there’ll be one close when you stay at your villa with pool, Croatia. The most famous are the summer festivals which celebrate culture, food, heritage and produce, to name a few. We can tell you, these are great events, large and small and we think you’ll certainly enjoy them. Advent festivals are also magical – head for the major centres of Zagreb, Dubrovnik, and Split to sample the best.

Food and Wine

Croatia’s cuisine has been heavily influenced by Italy’s various invasions over the millennia. Interestingly, you will notice the emphasis of fresh, locally produced organic foods dominating restaurant menus. We are sure you’ll enjoy Croatian food and notice that Croatians naturally eat what is in season. With fresh fish and sea food widely accessible throughout the year this is a joy. Popular dishes are numerous including Peka (usually lamb or pork) which is cooked over a fire ‘under the bell’. But they don’t complicate the freshest of ingredients… So you will find a lot of grilled or barbequed meats and fish with seasonal vegetables.

If you’re on a budget, a top tip is to head for where the locals eat to find money-saving ‘Marenda’ deals on the menu. If you’re not on a budget, there are a host of Michelin star restaurants throughout the country.

If you are a fan of Italian-style food, you won’t be disappointed, as pizza and pasta are ubiquitous throughout Croatia. Croatian ice cream is very much influenced by the proximity to Italy – it’s delicious!

The People

Croatians appear to have sorted life out – much business is done over a (very long) coffee break as they believe nothing is helped by being rushed. And we can all recognise the benefit of focussing on family life rather than being a slave to emails! Croatians do things face to face, in a convivial way – banking, paying bills, dealing with administration etc. So much nicer to develop a relationship with the people you deal with, rather than faceless on-line dealings and emails. A recent order is that as a general rule shops should no longer open on Sundays. This is to hand back family life and provide a better quality of life to residents and reflect the largely Catholic people’s beliefs – how refreshing.

The Croatians don’t take themselves too seriously, as evidenced by last year’s Eurovision entry with the dynamic Let 3 (who’ll forget the underpants!). The entry from Baby Lasagne is in a similar entertaining vein with a catchy chorus – all about a young man leaving home for the big city.

With some of the friendliest in Europe, Croatian people are grateful and proud that you respect and love their country. They will be keen to show you the best of it and delight if you make a bit of effort with their language and enjoy their customs and idiosyncrasies.

To finish…

Feel free to search through our villas. If you don’t find what you want there, do have a look at our ‘By Request only’ villa portfolio. Alternatively, just give us a call or email us and we’ll find a lovely Croatia villa for you.

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