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Viganj & Kuciste, Peljesac Peninsula

Peljesac Bridge a Boost to Croatia Property Sales and Holidays

By Saron Lease, 1st June 2022

According to Total Croatia News, dated 27th May 2022, the new Peljesac Bridge will be open by the end of July 2022. They report that the Peljesac Bridge is complete, as are most of the works on the access roads, but all depends on the technical inspection on 13th July.  Work on the Peljesac Bridge in Croatia began in 2018 with the first test pile being installed. The 2.4km Peljesac Bridge between the Croatian mainland and Peljesac will have dramatic time savings for holiday makers wishing to drive down the Dalmatian coast to Dubrovnik without needing to traverse the two Bosnia & Herzegovina border crossings.

The bridge is being funded by the EU and built by Chinese contractors.

The bridge has been planned for years and has been eagerly awaited. It is likely to completely open up the area of the Peljesac Peninsula and Korcula Island to increased tourism, new investment and interest in the Croatian property market. Both areas are incredibly beautiful and popular with those in the know but current longer transfer times have so far restricted demand and further growth. Many travellers looking for a holiday to Croatia currently stay closer to the main airports of Dubrovnik, Split and Pula and miss out on stunning and authentic areas such as the Peljesac Peninsula and Korcula Island. The bridge will reduce transfer times considerably.

Both pristine locations had considerable interest during the Croatia property boom in the early 2000’s with savvy investors, aware of the bridge plans, seeking out properties and opportunities to develop. Interest slowed when the banking crisis happened in 2007, and of course the Pandemic, however with the bridge now nearing completion, the Peljesac bridge is a major investment in the area as a whole and will likely boost the Croatia holiday and Croatia real estate market there exponentially.

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