The new Peljesac Bridge has been sometime in the making, but it’s here at last making a Peljesac holiday much easier!

By Croatia Gems, 25th July 2022

It’s official, the Peljesac Bridge (‘Pelješki Most’ in Croatian), will be opened on 26th July 2022 effectively joining two parts of Croatia together, and making a Peljesac holiday much easier, plus opening up this part of Croatia to travellers.

Why it makes travel easier

The reality is that the building of this magnificent bridge provides a route for travellers which avoids either getting a ferry across between the mainland and Peljesac or needing to negotiate two time-consuming border crossings and the associated queues, between Croatia and Bosnia & Hercegovina (BiH). The borders are necessary because of the ‘Neum Corridor’ which is the tongue of land forming BiH’s access to the Adriatic Sea and which slices through this part of Croatia’s southern Dalmatian coastline.

Peljesac Bridge route

The beautiful 2,140-metre-long bridge spans the strait between the villages of Komarna on the Croatian ‘mainland’ and Brijesta on the Peljesac peninsula and will significantly reduce travel times, thus opening the coast to tourists who previously avoided the region. It will now be much easier to travel the length of central and southern Dalmatia by car, more route choice to reach islands and giving flexibility of which airport to use to reach your destination.

Photo © Croatia Week

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