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Post Office Travel Money Reveals Croatia Costs Less

The latest Holiday Costs Barometer from the Post Office says holiday makers can get more for their money this year with a holiday in Croatia

According to the Mirror, Croatia is one of the best places to go for value for money in 2017 with day to day prices down on last year. Cheap deals may look good but with Sterling is down approximately 6% on most European currencies, everything can be very expensive when you get there. So it is worth checking where you can get the most for your money day to day. As the Mirror points out, it really does make a big difference, especial for family holidays.

The latest Holiday Costs Barometer from Post Office Travel Money has shown that prices in certain destinations are lower than last summer. The Mirror has teamed up with the Post Office to do a survey of 10 popular Bristish holiday destainations to see what a family holiday for four would cost for the usual sorts of expenses to reveal where are the best value places to go.

A Croatia holiday was deemed one of the best value with prices having fallen by 4% since last year. Costs for a holiday in Porec, Istria, for example, were estamated at around  £586. This is a good deal when you compare it to places like Majorca and Italy where prices have gone up substantially since last year.

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