Postira, Brac Island (2)
Town Beach Postira, Brac Island
Postira Town Beach, Brac Island (1)
Beach near Splitska, Postira & Supetar, Brac Island
Postira & Splitska Beaches, Brac Island

About 15 minutes drive from Supetar, Positra is easy to get to and very pretty – surrounded lovely coves and beaches and as with the whole of Brac Island, the coastline is gorgeous. Postira is known for fishing and wine so as with most of the locations on the island so it’s not a struggle t be happy here! Postira is a lovely little town for holidays – during the summer there are several festivals that take place. It has a little harbour and a selection of restaurants and has some interesting sightseeing spots and evidence of an intense history – visit the Lazaric castle, the mid 16th century church of St. John the Baptist, early Christian convent and church – there are also roman remains with ancient dock in the sea).

Postira is close to the pretty town of Splitska too which is very close by if you’d like some more variety and it is also possible to walk along countryside footpaths (good for jogging or cycling too) to reach other bays and beaches – Lovrecina Bay & sandy Beach, for example.