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Ready to Dive for Croatia’s First Underwater Winery

According The Globus, 9th July, 2017

Ready to Dive for Croatia’s First Underwater Winery – Why is everything and anything underwater so much cooler?

As if Croatia already isn’t the most popular Eastern Europe destination of the moment, it has now opened the country’s first underwater winery to make it even more enticing for folks dreaming of jet setting.

On the sunny slopes of the Peljesac peninsula, just a few hours drive north of Dubrovnik  the Premium wine Plavac Edivo is produced with a great deal of care and love. Once it’s made it’s transferred to clay pots, corked and wrapped in rubber before being taken out to sea. There in an old shipwreck now used as a wine cellar it’s left for around 700 days at a constant temperature. Divers pop down each day to maintain the site and check on the integrity of the pots and bring those up that are ready for sale when the amphora’s are finally removed they are covered in a beautiful range of corals shells and even oysters – served locally with fresh seafood.

It’s something very special to experience Navis Mysteium is quickly  becoming world famous and exports are through the roof, with customers clamouring for this lovely wine from as far as Hong Kong and the USA.

The good news – has signed the makers up as one of their suppliers so you will soon be seeing this marvellous wine in the UK.

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