Kapetanova Kuca (1) TH

Ston, Peljasac Peninsula

Restaurant Kapetanova Kuca specialises in seafood cuisine at Ston. It has the most attractive location on the waterfront (the ‘Riva’) at Mali Ston.

The restaurant’s name ‘Kapetanova kuca’ means the house of the captain, as in the days of the Republic of Dubrovnik, it was the residence of the captain of the guards at Ston. Kapetanova kuca restaurant was opened on September the 11th 1986 by the Kralj family, one of the oldest in Mali Ston.

The restaurant features exclusive specialities from the bay of Mali Ston, including a wide selection of Peljasac wines. Head chef Lidija Kralj likes to think of herself as the Croatian Delia Smith, and in fairness the restaurant has an excellent reputation.

It would be a crime not to try the fresh oysters from the Bay of Ston which lays directly in front of the sheltered restaurant terrace.

Photo Credit: Kapetanova Kuca Restaurant