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Rijeka Carnival

The Rijeka Carnival takes place, yearly, between the second half of January to the second half of February (different dates). It is one of the famous carnivals in Europe. From the start it has grown from an attendance of a few hundred people but now it numbers thousands of visitors from all over the world.

The carnival developed its unique identity in 1982 but the influence of Venetian and Austrian Carnival are still visible. At the start of the carnival, after the Carnival’s queen has been chosen , the Mayor delivers (symbolically) the city keys to the Master of the Carnival.

Carnival days are filled with concerts, exhibitions and parties. The streets are crowded with thousand of people wearing masks, competing in contests for the most original mask.

Rijeka Carnival – The highlight has to be the International Carnival Parade which starts at noon usually – the whole town is closed to traffic but buses will be free – The children’s carnival parade is also a popular one and the Carnival snowboarding session is great entertainment, displaying amazing stunts just metres from the sea with snowboarders from all over Europe competing.

Photo  © Rijeka Tourist Board

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