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Rovinj Beaches – Beautiful Family Beaches

If you’re looking for beautiful family beaches, look no further than around the Rovinj coastline – Rovinj beaches are amongst the most beautiful in Istria. The bathing season in the region of Istria lasts from May to beginning of October and in summer, the average water temperature is 24° C.

A large sheltered stony and pebble beach suitable for families.

This used to be one of the most popular naturist beaches in the area. The beach is very clean, awarded with a Blue Flag, and the nearby coastal path offers some spectacular walks to the nearby beaches of Punta Križa and Saline bay.

It is a good centre for boating and the campsite offers a small protected harbour with moorings and a boat ramp. Daily boat trips are available (to the nearby National Park of Limski kanal and various island excursions), as well as a direct taxi boat connection to the centre of Rovinj.

Since the beach is part of the Amarin resort, there is a daily entrance fee of 3 euros per person but worth it for the facilities and it is a beautiful family beach.

A beautiful family beach about 500 metres long and 20 metres wide, situated to the north of Rovinj, with a beautiful view of the old town.   The beach is part of the campsite & hotel complex Valdaliso so there is a fee charged for entering the resort (ca. 3 euro per adult).

The gravelled part of the beach is suitable for families since it has all facilities close by, as well as a children’s playground.


This beautiful stone beach in located in the very centre of Rovinj, directly beneath the church of Saint Euphemia. The beach is not the best solution for inexperienced swimmers because of the steep and rocky shore, although there
are a few ladders which make access easier. There are also a few small pebble inlets suitable for children, but there is no sun protection.

The beach is directly opposite Katarina island, so a romantic setting for watching the sunsets and its northern part can be also be good for fishing, especially in the early morning and evening (licence required).

Surrounded by greenery, Katarina island lies directly in front of the old town of Rovinj, accessible within a 5 minute boat ride. The beach is mostly rock with a few pebbly patches, offering a great view of the old town from one side, and the view of the marina and the Nature park of Zlatni rt from its other side.

The shore offers a few hidden coves and its western part is well known among locals for its cliff jumping. Good for swimming and sunbathing on large rocks, the island is very green and pine trees offer welcome shade just a few meters from the beach. There is also a nice coastal path around the island.

Facilities: Cafés, restaurants, first aid station, lifeguard, toilets, deckchair hire, tennis court, hotel swimming pool, beach volleyball, children’s playground.


The beach stretches along the Lone Bay, approximately 1,500m from the old town. It can only be reached by foot or by bicycle and it’s really nice & peaceful, with no traffic noise. The part of the beach close to the hotels of Lone and Eden is mostly covered with gravel, with wide green areas for sunbathing and some shade whilst the part inside the park is mostly rocky with many pebble inlets perfect for children. The sheltered bay is also a popular anchoring spot for private yachts and motor boats.


A beautiful family beach in a pretty location within the Zlatni Rt Forest Park (also known as Punta Corrente), made up of a mixture of rock and pebbles. Zlatni Rt is one of the most beautiful park areas on the Adriatic coast. The area has a plethora of native plant species as well as many exotic trees planted over the years, and it offers wide meadows and forests, perfect for sports activities, as well as for children. For adrenaline addicts, there is also a very popular free climbing area within an old quarry.

It’s the largest and most visited beach in Rovinj, as its calm waters make it perfect for swimming and snorkeling, offering a beautiful view of the Island of S. Andrew. Its pebble inlets are safe for children, whilst its rocky parts are more suitable for good swimmers and sunbathing fans.

A coastal path along the waterfront provides excellent possibilities for long and relaxing walks.

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Rovinj photo Tourist Board Rovinj Rovingo
Rovinj photo Tourist Board Rovinj Rovingo 1
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