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Puntinka Beach under Villa Mirela Godistar Tika near Panorama

There’s increasing popularity for a villa with pool in Croatia in May & June as the temperatures hot up!

Large villas for groups of friends & family get togethers are proving a hit in Croatia this Spring as people make the most of lower season prices and the attractive Croatian climate

May and June are traditionally considered ‘lower season’. Hence, taking a holiday during these months isn’t considered an attractive proposition. Unsurprisingly, from our chilly base in the UK, that might be an easy myth to continue! Spend a little time in Croatia and you’ll soon realise it’s sunny there for a great deal longer all year! Croatia is very southern and from around April onwards can see temperatures rising up to 30 degrees! Of course the weather is a bit less predictable during April and May but it is generally very warm. In June the temperatures really begin to rise! These are great months to rent a villa with pool in Croatia as the sun is a balm to the spirit after the long winter. You’ll discover that not everyone lives under grey rain clouds!

Saron Lease of Croatia Gems Villas says “May and June are emerging as popular months for large groups and extended families. The lower prices at this time of year make bigger villas great value: so get a group of couples or friends to go and you have a great deal on a beautiful villa by the sea!”.

Croatia weddings

Dubrovnik old town, where photo locations are amazing, are not the only place for stunning wedding photography. Wedding groups can take nearby Dubrovnik villas with private pools, so they can extend the wedding trip to have a Croatia holiday. Local wedding planner, Ines Nanic of Dubrovnik Event says “We’ve noticed there’s been a constant rise of destination weddings booked in lower season, i.e. May, June and October. Several reasons for this. Couples prefer to have Dubrovnik more to themselves in a way as it is not as crowded as in peak season. Furthermore, prices of accommodation are significantly lower than in July or August. Also the temperatures are not as high, which is quite important when you plan a beach wedding for example”.

She goes on to say “Dubrovnik is a perfect place for lower season weddings also due to its fantastic climate. Spring and fall tend to be very sunny and warm and even winters are mild. I remember outdoor wedding dinners we organized in mid October were so, or early May, even end of April. Finally, venues have more availability and so the privacy is improved for the entire special event such as it should be for weddings…”.

Why not take a large Croatian villa and allow your friends and family stay on after the wedding? Maybe you’ll want to stay on too, or seek out some romantic nook with your new ‘other half’.

More Croatia villas available in May & June

Indeed it’s valid that Croatia villas are much more available at this time of year. Together with the fact that the weather can be just as nice, makes it an attractive proposition. Of course it’s less busy and this can be a real bonus. In Dubrovnik for example. Undoubtedly it makes for a fantastic atmosphere mid summer to have the busy Dubrovnik Summer Festival going on. However it is just as nice to experience the old town and surrounding sea edge villages in a less intense way! You can wander through the winding streets and stop at little cafes and shops. Maybe taking in the museums and beautiful architecture. Or for a great excursion, take a boat out to explore the coast and just generally have a bit more space to soak it all in!

Year Round Flights to Croatia

Increasingly, tourist chiefs are realising that they need to ‘smooth’ tourism visits throughout the Spring and Autumn, and even into Winter months to take the heat off popular  summer months.. We see many more cultural events and festivals being arranged to encourage more visitors in these ‘shoulder’ months.

It goes without saying that the retired among us have holidayed off peak for a long time. Fortunately affordable flights are increasing all the time to Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Zagreb. Because of this, more of us are taking the opportunity to jet off at these lower season times. “Easter in Dubrovnik last year was beautiful, everything was booked up and sunny and it was the busiest for years” says Saron of Croatia Gems. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that August is king no longer. Are we really are starting to see more possibilities out there? Ah well, that can’t be a bad thing now can it.


If you have decided to take the (Adriatic) plunge, then search here for a villa with pool in Croatia. If you don’t find your villa in Croatia there, have a look at our By Request only portfolio. If all that is too much hassle, just email us or pick up the phone and let us suggest great Croatian villa options.

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