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If you’ve booked a villa, Croatia private pool here’s how to make your spending money go further

By Croatia Gems, 2nd June 2023

The Dubrovnik Times reminded us that there are ways to help that precious holiday money go further, whilst at the same time immersing yourselves more into Croatian life. There is nothing worse than standing out too much as a tourist, as there lies the route to paying the highest prices! If you have a villa, Croatia private pool variety, you have the major building block and from there you can minimise spend.

Self-catering is obviously the way to go in order to save money by not eating out at restaurants in Croatia. Instead, shop at local markets, directly from locals selling their produce beside the roads, or from local fishermen bringing in their overnight catch. There’ll be no mark-up to pay. The simplest produce is outstanding when fresh and organic and will need the least preparation at you Croatian villa to taste really good.

If you are off on an outing, head to the local supermarket or street market for supplies. Stock up on Croatia’s amazing home produced prosciutto, olives, cheese and bread for a packed lunch for the day. You’ll find Pekara (bakeries) everywhere, as bread tends to be bought daily by local. The pastries sold are Croatia’s version of fast food – delicious, but mind your waistline!

If you do want to treat yourself by eating out from your Croatia villa, another idea is to ‘Eat like a Local’. You’ll want to eat like a local anyway to experience the real Croatia, but by doing so you can actually help save quite a lot. Forget the touristy-looking places with English menus and head instead for the lesser known local spots. Another top tip is to look for restaurants that offer brunch known locally as ‘Marenda’. Look for the word ‘Marenda’ on the menu or just ask if there’s one available. This is an incredibly filling yet cheap meal that will see you through the entire day. Croatians like a hearty meal so no matter what you choose, it’s probably going to fill you up.

The Dubrovnik Times suggests not hiring a car (or reducing the number of days you hire one for) and reducing the number of taxis you use to get about. But instead try out the excellent Croatian bus network. We here at Croatia Gems have found Croatian buses to be clean, punctual, air conditioned and cheap and well worth the effort of ‘going local’!

Photo © Pension Gradina, Loviste

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