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Villa Rental Dubrovnik Holiday – enjoy a Dubrovnik Kayak Tour

by Croatia Gems, 30th March 2024

Have you ever been on the beach and noticed groups of kayaks being paddled into the distance? Have you wondered where they are going and how you could join them? Perhaps like me, you are too nervous to even ask – Well let’s put the worries to bed – a kayak trip is amazing!

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Dubrovnik and its coastline are magical places. And you get a wholly different perspective of them from the sea. Fortunately, there are several companies along the coast running kayak tours, so from your villa rental, Dubrovnik adventures are always close.

Whilst you can rent a kayak and paddle about on your own, companies that run the escorted tours know their patch and can unlock hidden coves and beaches to paddle to. Paddle out to a nearby island from Mlini Bay, for example, or along the coast to a ruined villa lost in time… However if you want to get a different perspective of Dubrovnik Old Town, a kayak trip from here is a definite must!

Book Kayak Tours in Dubrovnik & Mlini

Kayak tours are designed for a range of ages, experience and length. Specifically, they are available from Dubrovnik Old Town itself with Epic Croatia and from most of the villages along the coast. Depending on the start location, a paddle route around the old town walls is likely, giving a different perspective from the sea. You could combine this with a visit to Lokrum island – this one is available at sunset too! Alternatively, start from Cavtat for visits to hidden bays and a close-by island.

Maybe you are staying in Mlini Bay where with Silverland Sea Kayaking you can have a lazy paddle to an uninhabited island for a spot of snorkelling and refreshments. Do try their ice-water challenge with a dip in a mountain stream as it flows into the Adriatic! Or perhaps your thing is an easy going, relaxed paddle of about 40 – 60 minutes (you set the pace) and explore Supetar Island with them. All great fun, and thoroughly memorable.

What to Expect

You will meet your guide on the beach where you will get to know each other and be briefed about the tour. Your guide will introduce you to kayaking and explain the best and easiest way to paddle. Importantly he will go through the safety regulations to make sure everything goes well, and everybody feels safe.

You will of course be kitted out with mandatory life jackets to fit your size. Also, Dry Bags will be given to you within which you can stash your precious belongings. Items like cameras, mobile phones, money and clothes will be safe and dry all the time. Your kayak will either be a single or double, designed for stability and easy paddling.

Some companies will provide snorkelling gear (masks and snorkels) for stop offs in island bays. Also, they should provide insurance for everyone, as well as fresh water to keep you hydrated.

One of the great things about kayaking in Croatia is that there is virtually no tide, so unlike the UK, there’s no fear of being swept out the sea.

Photo Memories

As well as your hat and sunglasses, do make sure you take photos of your kayak adventure, so you have a memory to store along with host of others enjoyed during your villa rental, Dubrovnik.

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