Mljet Soline by Aleksandar Gospic via Croatian National Tourist Board
Mljet Island, Croatia
Mljet National Park via Croatian National Tourist Board
Mljet by Sergio Gobbo via Croatian National Tourist Board
Blace Beach, Saplunara, Mljet Island, Mljet Tourist Board

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Get back to untouched nature with a holiday on Mljet Island – beautiful scenery, panoramas,  beaches & walks, from the National Park to it’s lakes & history, it’s a different a different world…

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With Illyrian, Roman and Greek history, and untouched natural beauty, the Island of Mljet is deserved of its national park status. There are so many different locations in Croatia and every one is interesting in its own way. A Mljet apartment is a wonderful idea – Mljet is a fabulous island to visit for a day trip with countless wild beaches, wonderful vistas and sea views at every corner. But how about a stay in a Mljet apartment? If you want to get off the beaten track, there can be no better place.

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Mljet Apartments

For real serenity, go in May when it is quiet and have the island almost to yourself. Eat scrumptious local food in traditional Konoba’s and go fishing with the local fishermen. Walk for miles along the coast or up on the hills coming across historic ruins and monuments and stunning views! And swim in the beautiful turquoise bays. June and September are also lovely times to go to Mljet – it’s hotter during this time and gorgeous for relaxing on the beach – still not too busy. July and August see many day trippers arriving but it brings a nice summer holiday atmosphere to the island and Mljet is a wonderful getaway in this time.

Saplunara is a gorgeous area for Mljet apartments with its picturesque beaches and scenery. Or head to the other end of the island, to the national park and stay in a Mljet apartment near the beautiful interior salt lakes that are so photographed.

The ancient Greeks used to stay on Mljet 4000 years ago on route to shelter in its calm natural harbours and the Romans also took up this habit whiles traversing their trade routes. But the Illyrians are also known to have been here and there are various relics from many eras. Mljet Island was even mentioned in Homers Iliad!