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Split Old Town, Split Riviera (1)
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Sustjepan Park, Split (3)
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Sustjepan Park, Split (2)
Sustjepan Park, Split (1)
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Villas in Split Croatia – See where Netflix ‘The Weekend Away’ was filmed

By Croatia Gems, 9th March 2022

As reported by Paul Fogarty of HITC, Netflix’s new release ‘The Weekend Away’, a thriller just available to watch on the channel, is filmed in Split, Croatia.

So, if you are booking a villa in Split or in lovely Trogir, or one of the many lovely seaside towns up and down the coast or nearby islands, watch ‘The Weekend Away’ to check out the sights and sounds of this lovely historic city with its vibrant, rich cultural mix, and make sure to visit it in person when you have the chance – you won’t be disappointed!

Diocletian’s Palace, the impressively colonnaded Peristil square and the palace cellars are particular features in the film and you’ll see an adrenalin-fuelled chase scene filmed within the Palace – we’d expect no less.

The Palace of Roman Emperor Diocletian (started approx. 293AD) is a must see – the palace makes up much of the “Riva” which is the waterfront of the old town of Split and is about 30 thousand square metres. It is truly magnificent to see and really gives you an insight into how Croatia fitted into the Roman Empire and how the whole Mediterranean area used to be. Little shops, drinking fountains, and restaurants now fill the spaces, and often you will round a corner to find an acapella group singing their beautiful soulful music, adding to the truly atmospheric location – not to be missed.

If we can help you find villas in Split Croatia, do check our website here and make sure you look at our ‘On request only’ section too.

Photo © Netflix

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