Getting hungry on your Croatian holiday? If you are near Vodice, a vibrant seaside town close to Sibenik, you might have already heard of a very interesting restaurant called „Santa Maria“. Slobodna Dalmacija reports, it is well worth checking out. Santa Maria is owned by Mr. Sime Pelajic Brunac and represents one of a few Brunac family restaurants. It is located within ancient stone walls and represents not only a place of dining but also an art gallery featuring many paintings on the walls, and a museum with numerous restored vintage household items and tools. It is certainly an interesting restaurant in Croatia to visit.

Santa Maria’s mascot of a sort is a large parrot that often times greets people (in Croatian, though). While waiting for food guests are free to enjoy peanuts offered on each table and toss the shells right on the floor. The owner says it adds to the charm of the place. Speaking of food, Santa Maria offers a selection of various dishes from Mexican and Italian cuisine, and according to the cult status the restaurant enjoys in Vodice, the combination works well.

The Croatian coastline is home to many good quality and off beat restaurants and eateries. It is up to each individual to find something to suit his/her taste. However, places like Santa Maria will always be interesting as they provide for more than a simple dining experience.

Vodice Restaurant Santa Maria

Photo © www.santamaria-vodice.com