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Istria Water Park, Lazy River,5
Istria Water Park, Lazy River,6
Istria Water Park
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Istria Water Park.PNG 3
Istria Water Par, Kids, 1
Istria Water Park, Kids, 1
Istria Water Park, Kids, 2
Istria Water Park, Lazy River,4
Istria Water Park, Lazy River,1
Istria Water Park, Lazy River,2
Istria Water Park, Lazy River,3
Istria Water Park, Lazy River,7
Istria Water Park, Beach Ball, 1
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Istria Water Park.PNG 9
Istria Water Park.PNG 7
Istria Water Park.PNG 6
Istria Water Park.PNG 4

This park claims to have the most water slides in Istria, and certainly gets good reviews


Water Slides

There are big slides for adrenaline fans as well as slower ones for children and the more timid amongst us, so if you are game, look forward to the longest, highest, and fastest slides.

Children’s pool with water slides , playground and rope pyramid

Fun for kids on slides – that’s what the children’s pool is for – with a water tower, a turtle slide and water fountains. The children pool mesures 500 m2 total.

Lazy River

Take a leisurely, quiet ride down stream in the river in a rubber ring…

Two Sports Courts with Sandy Surface

This is a great facility for a beach ball match. Find someone or a whole team to play against and start. The loser pays for the post-match drinks!


Coctail Bar
Delicious cocktails and non- alcoholic ones, too.

Fresh & Salad
Vegetables in the most tasty combination and forms. Salads, smoothies, fruit… a good portion of vitamins for your body.

Pizza & Sandwiches
It is just a short distance from Italy to Porec, so pizza feels very much at home here, both the classical or the stuffed one, known as Calzone. Those who do not care for pizza will probably enjoy a lovely fresh sandwich instead.

Coffee & Sweets
The scent of quality coffee, cappuccino with thick foam, with a delicate butter croissant or puffy chocolate muffin…

Ice cream wherever you look
You will find ice cream stands in five locations – 2 of them offer a selection of 10 flavors of high- quality ice cream served in coops and 3 of them sell ice cream bars and packaged ice

Opening hours

June, September
Mon – Sun 10:00 – 18:00

July, August
Mon – Sun 10:00 – 19:00

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