Croatia – A less expensive holiday for 2022?

Britons looking for the perfect cheap holiday this summer should consider a break in a villa holiday Croatia. According to research, holidaymakers in the UK are increasingly looking to save money on their travels this year as a result of rising inflation.

Like many UK holiday favourite locations, Croatia is a Mediterranean country, so a visit will provide sun, beaches and a host of other attractions, but it also benefits from its location outside of the eurozone, providing a more favourable exchange rate than other EU destinations. A Croatia villa holiday usually means a villa with private pool, allowing you to buy local produce to BBQ, or to eat out more affordably than in other EU locations.

After the pandemic people are looking for more hassle-free escapes and for greater value for money. However, this year will bring added pressures and with them a greater demand for relaxation, space and time away. Croatia villas tick all the boxes.

Dubrovnik is one destination which is likely to be popular this summer, with many holidaymakers travelling to the Adriatic resort each year to experience its stunning blend of climate and culture. Split too is increasing in popularity due to its proximity to the national parks and islands. With both destinations only a two and a half hour flight from most UK airports and with Croatia’s proximity to Italy – so benefitting from the same golden sunshine, it’s high on people’s hit list.

Croatia has come on in leaps and bounds over the last 10 years or so with both luxury and family villas – Michelin star restaurants like 360 in Dubrovnik old town, and award winning wines, but also affordable family-run restaurants found in every town and village, and delicious home-produced wines and grappa. It’s also one of the safest countries in Europe for families, and tends to be far less resort-style locations than many popular destinations. There are beautiful beaches in Croatia to explore (there are still empty beaches to find) – the sea is clear as a bell and non tidal so great to explore with a snorkel, by kayak and it is amazing for fishing.

Also, look to the islands and whilst some like Hvar Island and Korcula have added prestige (and are hence pricier), for some reason Brac remains affordable for that Brac villa for rent. It is the easiest of the large islands to get to, a shorter cheap transfer from the airport (just a 50-minute ferry hop from Split old town), and is just delightful, with stunning coves and beaches, and lovely, traditional and charming villages.

It’s also reasonable to self cater (lots of markets and road-side stalls selling home grown produce) and eat out with surprisingly reasonable menus to suit everyone’s pockets and tastes. Excellent local transport abounds with cheap bus fares and water taxis – no need for car hire in most places!

A lot of the villas come with free bikes or kayaks, to help you explore the beautiful coastline & stunning bike routes so no need to sign up for expensive excursions if your pocket won’t stretch. And if you have smaller children there are usually free inflatable fun parks to be found on many of the beaches, anchored in the shallows for them to enjoy, and plenty of parks in the shade of the pine trees for them to run around while you sit back and supervise with a coffee or a cold drink.

Finally, flights can be cheaper on weekdays, so you might find it more than cost effective, and sometimes a lot cheaper, to travel midweek and stay in a small hotel or apartment for a few nights, or maybe find a villa that will do a weekday start to the holiday.

So a villa holiday Croatia – a less expensive holiday for 2022 should be one for your bucket list!

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