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Croatia completed its membership of the EU on 1st January 2023 by joining the Schengen Area and adopting the Euro as its currency.

by Croatia Gems, 4th January 2023

If you have had a Croatia holiday before, you may be wondering what to do with the Kuna coins and notes you have now that the old currency is no longer in use.

The fact that Kuna can still be used until January 15th 2023 will be no help to those of you intending to return at some point for a villa holiday in Croatia. Don’t despair though, as up to the end of December 2023 Kuna banknotes and coins can be exchanged. Post offices and commercial banks will exchange them for euro banknotes and coins. Up to a maximum of 100 Kuna banknotes and 100 Kuna coins per transaction can be exchanged free of charge. Commercial banks may charge a fee for a larger number of banknotes or coins.

No worries also if you are not intending to return for your Croatia villa holiday until 2024 or 2025. Croatia’s national central bank will take over the exchange services for Kuna banknotes without a time limit. It will exchange coins until 31 December 2025. This service is free of charge until further notice.

Implications of Schengen and Euro for Croatia holidays

These are exciting times for Croatia, and it is a big step forward for it to join the EU Schengen Area and to adopt the Euro as its currency. Apart from the different currency, you shouldn’t notice any difference in booking or taking a Croatian villa holiday. The change to the Euro will actually make it easier for all visitors, as Euros are easier to buy.

Joining the Schengen Area will have advantages to EU citizens driving to Croatia for holidays as they will no longer have delays in crossing the border. This will encourage more travellers from nearby countries, so there is likely to be more competition for Croatia villas going forward. Our advice is to book your Croatia villa early.

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