Zadar Sea Organ, Fotoarhiva TZG Zadar
Zadar Morske orgulje Jazz HRT 021Fotoarhiva TZG Zadar
Fotoarhiva TZG Zadar 2
Le Salut au Soleil by TIM ERTL, Fotoarhiva TZG Zadar

If you are looking for a great day out from your villa in Croatia, Split then Zadar’s incredible Sea Organ will amaze you

By Croatia Gems 2nd February 2023

There are a lot of things to do in the Split area, but Zadar is another area to explore from a Split or Trogir villa. The Zadar Sea Organ is a must-see while you are staying in a villa in Croatia Split with your family. With Zadar a straightforward  1.5 hour drive up the coast from Split, it’s a wonderful day out.

Zadar Sea Organ

Designed by local architect Nikola Bašić, Zadar’s incredible Sea Organ is a one-off. It’s an experimental musical instrument that plays music by waves moving through pipes underneath the large marble steps.  The sounds made are deep and soulful as it generates notes from the incoming and outgoing waves. Depending on the rhythm of the waves, you can hear a variety of sounds throughout the day. Incidentally,  the steps are also a great place to swim from.

The Zadar Sea Orgon was designed as part of the project to redesign the new sea edge and promenade (Nova Riva), and the site was opened to the public in Spring 2005. Its success was recognised as early as 2006, when the Sea Organ was awarded the European Prize for Urban Public Space.

Zadar Sun Salutation

Next to it is another exciting design by the same architect – the ‘Sun Salutation’ – which transforms this area in the evenings.  It is a 22m-wide circle of paving, filled with 300 multi-layered glass plates. These collect the sun’s energy during the day, and then produce a spectacular waterfront light show as evening descends.

Both features have now been coordinated so the lights now reflect the sounds from the Zadar Sea Organ. Combined with the regular amazing sunsets, it would be a shame not to linger a bit later before heading back down the coast to your villa in Croatia Split.  With so much to see and do in the area, Split and Trogir villas make a great base for getting out and about.

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1: Zadar Morske orgulje Jazz HRT 021Fotoarhiva TZG Zadar
2: Fotoarhiva TZG Zadar
3: Fotoarhiva TZG Zadar 2
4: Le Salut au Soleil by TIM ERTL, Fotoarhiva TZG Zadar

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