Sub City Mall: Your Shopping Haven in Mlini Bay

Subcity Shopping Mall & Supermarket, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (3)
Subcity Shopping Mall & Supermarket, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (1)
Subcity Shopping Mall & Supermarket, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (5)
Subcity Shopping Mall & Supermarket, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (2)
Subcity Shopping Mall & Supermarket, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (4)
Subcity Shopping Mall & Supermarket, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (6)
Subcity Shopping Mall & Supermarket, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (7)

Sub City Mall, nestled in the heart of Mlini Bay, is the premier shopping destination for both locals and visitors alike. Conveniently located just steps away from the Sheraton hotel and a short stroll from the beach, Sub City Mall offers a modern and air-conditioned shopping experience, complete with ample parking facilities.

Whether you’re staying in one of our luxurious villas and need to stock up on groceries or simply seeking the latest fashion trends, beauty essentials, or household goods, Sub City Mall is your one-stop shop for everything you need.

Shop ‘Til You Drop: The Best of Sub City Mall

With diverse shops and services, Sub City Mall is a shopper’s paradise. From June through September, it is open every day, including Sundays, from 8 am to 9 pm to cater to the summer crowds. Outside of the peak tourist season, the mall returns to its regular schedule, closing on Sundays.

Address:  Šetalište Franje Tuđmana 2a, 20207, Srebreno, Croatia

Fashionistas’ Delight: H&M, New Yorker, and More

Fashion enthusiasts will find themselves in retail heaven at Sub City Mall. H&M, a global fashion giant, offers a wide selection of trendy clothing, accessories, and footwear for men, women, and children. New Yorker, another popular fashion retailer, boasts an extensive collection of stylish apparel and accessories at affordable prices.

In addition to these well-known brands, the mall also features a variety of local boutiques showcasing unique Croatian designs.

Beauty and Wellness: DM and Müller

For all your beauty and wellness needs, look no further than DM and Müller. DM, a leading drugstore chain, stocks an extensive range of cosmetics, skincare products, toiletries, and health supplements. Müller, a department store specialising in beauty and lifestyle products, offers a wider selection of cosmetics, fragrances, hair care products, and household items.

For the Family: CCC and Toy Stores

Sub City Mall caters to families with its diverse range of stores and entertainment options. CCC, a popular shoe retailer, offers stylish and comfortable footwear for adults and children. Toy stores within the mall provide a haven for children, with a wide array of toys, games, and educational items to keep them entertained for hours.

Stock Up on Essentials: Konzum Supermarket

No shopping trip to Sub City Mall would be complete without a visit to Konzum, Croatia’s largest supermarket chain. Here, you’ll find everything you need for your daily needs, from fresh produce and local delicacies to household essentials and international brands.

Konzum also offers a selection of Croatian wines, spirits, and souvenirs, making it a great place to pick up gifts for friends and family back home.

More Than Just Shopping: Amenities and Conveniences at Sub City Mall

 Sub City Mall goes beyond just shopping; it offers a variety of amenities to enhance your visit. Take a break from browsing the stores and enjoy a refreshing drink or a delicious meal at one of the mall’s cafes or restaurants.

Whether you’re craving a quick coffee and pastry or a leisurely lunch with friends, Sub City Mall’s dining options have you covered. For added convenience, the mall also houses a pharmacy for any medical needs that may arise during your vacation, as well as a currency exchange to help you manage your finances.

Beat the Heat (or Rain): Sub City Mall’s All-Weather Appeal

Sub City Mall’s modern design and air-conditioned interior make it an ideal escape from the summer heat or unexpected rain showers.

Spend a leisurely afternoon browsing the stores in comfort, or enjoy a family outing with activities for children and adults alike. Whether you’re seeking a fun-filled day with the kids or a relaxing break from the sun, Sub City Mall provides a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

Explore Mlini Bay: Your Dream Vacation Awaits

Just a short drive from Sub City Mall, Mlini Bay awaits with its stunning beaches, charming villages, and easy access to the historic wonders of Dubrovnik. Discover the perfect base for your Croatian adventure by browsing our selection of luxurious villas in Mlini Bay.

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