Villa Serena, Lozica, Dubrovnik Riviera (30)
Villa Zavalia, Korcula Island (2)
Villa Florabunda, Dubrovnik Riviera (32)
Villa Duchess, Zaton Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (40)
Villa Serena, Lozica, Dubrovnik Riviera (51)
Villa Serena, Lozica, Dubrovnik Riviera (40)
Villa Ivana, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera3
Villa Serena, Lozica, Dubrovnik Riviera (60)
Villa Rose, Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Riviera (3)
Villa Serena Lozica Dubrovnik Riviera (45) A
Villa Arymor,Okrug Gornji, Split Rivera (31)
Villa Rose, Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik Riviera (4)
Villa Serena, Lozica, Dubrovnik Riviera (34)
Villa Serena, Lozica, Dubrovnik Riviera (61)
Villa Zavalia, Korcula Island (3)
Villa Serena, Lozica, Dubrovnik Riviera (35)
Villa Zavalia, Zavalatica, Korcula Island (14)
Villa Arymor,Okrug Gornji, Split Rivera (11)
Villa Florabunda, Dubrovnik Riviera (48)
Villa Florabunda, Dubrovnik Riviera (53)
Villa Florabunda, Dubrovnik Riviera (54)
Summer Villa, Mlini Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (6)
Villa Duchess, Zaton Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (30)
Villa Duchess, Zaton Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (39)
Villa Duchess, Zaton Bay, Dubrovnik Riviera (43)
Villa Florabunda, Dubrovnik Riviera (3)
Villa Opus, near Korcula Town, Korcula Island TH
Villa Opus, Near Korcula Town, Korcula Island (17)
Villa Rubin, Sumartin, Brac Island (257)
Villa Rubin, Sumartin, Brac Island (174)
Villa Rubin, Sumartin, Brac Island (176)
Villa Rubin, Sumartin, Brac Island (156)
Villa Rubin, Sumartin, Brac Island (88)
Villa Rubin, Sumartin, Brac Island (87)

Stunning Dubrovnik…

Villas in Dubrovnik are the most sought after. It is the jewel in the crown of the Croatian coast – explore the superb Old Town of Dubrovnik & delight in quaint little villages & bays up and down the coast…

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Villas in Dubrovnik

Looking for villas in Dubrovnik? There are sublime Dubrovnik villas for a 2023 villa rental, Croatia. Located in Southern Dalmatia, stretching from the Montenegro border to the Peljesac Peninsula, the Dubrovnik region is stunning! Just 30 minutes from the airport, Dubrovnik Old Town is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. One of the best Croatian villas is Villa Turquoise and on of our recommendations for this summer. Indeed, check out the last few summer weeks free at Dubrovnik Villa Turquoise and don’t miss out.

Summer holiday bookings for a villa in Croatia 2023 are well underway and Dubrovnik villas, as always, are the most sought after on the whole Croatian coast… And according to Conde Nast Traveler (2022 Readers’ Choice Awards), readers have voted Dubrovnik amongst the twelve friendliest cities in Europe so villas in Dubrovnik are a lovely choice for a family holiday. Dubrovnik is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Indeed, walk the city walls or take the cable car up Srd Hill above the old town. And you will see why the Dubrovnik Riviera is so coveted. If you’ve done the Old Town of Dubrovnik then check out our top 5 activities on the Dubrovnik Riviera.

A drive along the Adriatic sea is beautiful! In fact, you can preview Dubrovnik villa holiday locations in the new Nicholas Cage film! Or you can just blend in like a Dubrovnik local when staying at your Dubrovnik villa. Some of the best villas in Dubrovnik can be found in Mlini Bay. Have a look at our recommendations here for some of the best Mlini villas, Dubrovnik.  What size villa would you like? New Villa Turquoise in Mlini Bay is a very good family sized villa for and one of our favourites as a 2023 Dubrovnik Villa. Or if you would like an extended family holiday then check out our pick of the best Dubrovnik villas for the whole family and a great Croatia holiday locations. Or how about Dubrovnik villas with views? Let the view come to you! If you need some help with where to look, let us help you decide with our guide to villa locations in Croatia.

Why Holiday in Dubrovnik?

A holiday villa in Dubrovnik has it all – the stunning old town of Dubrovnik and charming, beautiful Croatian beaches. The crystal clear sea is laced with quintessentially Croatian sea edge villas. Dubrovnik also has its own little islands which are delightful to stay on or for a day trip. Apart from its natural beauty and pristine environment, it has an incredibly well preserved historical heritage and many attractions. With over 2,500 hours of sunshine a year, and plenty of Dubrovnik flights, Dubrovnik the area also ranks among the sunniest towns in Europe. And September is delightful for your Dubrovnik villa rental – it’s a bit cooler, there are fewer tourists and it’s kinder on your wallet!

Lots of Choice with a Dubrovnik Villa Holiday

There are many perfect places for villas in Dubrovnik… For example, have a look at this villa in Mlini, Villa Anamaria. Dubrovnik beaches are also sublime – get the inside track here on the best beaches in Dubrovnik. Explore the famous Old Town of Dubrovnik and, relax in turquoise bays, discover pretty Old Town of Dubrovnik beaches and fall in love with the atmosphere… For a different perspective of the old town, we’d recommend a trip up on the Dubrovnik Cable Car and lunch or dinner at the Panorama Restaurant. The views are incredible.

If you are into more modern style, you are also well catered for as Dubrovnik is always up on the new trends. As a result, there are some alluring contemporary Croatian villas with spectacular sea views to choose from. But would you like a traditional or contemporary Croatian villa – Check out these luxury Dubrovnik villas which are Yin & Yang!

Where to stay in Dubrovnik?

The Dubrovnik Riviera takes around 2 hours to drive along and there are many fabulous places for Dubrovnik villas. Base yourself inside the walls of the medieval town of Dubrovnik itself and go back in time. Recently recognised as an important location of European film culture by the European Film Academy it’s a must-see. With its atmospheric, lamp lit streets and piazzas, you can almost step back into history. Also head to villas near Dubrovnik to be wowed by some seriously awesome food and restaurants generally… Indeed, all along the Dubrovnik Riviera, there are oodles of cozy bars and Dubrovnik restaurants serving fantastic seafood and organic wine.

Mlini Bay Villas – Great Beaches

Villas in Dubrovnik with pools tend to book up fast so it’s worth booking early. Some of the most popular year on year and our personal favourites are villas in Mlini Bay.  With its sweeping horseshoe bay, of some of the best beaches on the Dubrovnik Riviera are here. Just a short drive from the old town of Dubrovnik are some lovely holiday homes with private pool. Mlini Bay beaches are some of the prettiest Dubrovnik beaches and some of the best swimming spots in the area. It’s one of the most sought after given that Mlini restaurants and beaches are within an easy walk.

Villa Turquoise in Mlini is a great villa for a family or friends group, for example – steps from the sea, beach and restaurants. Another perfect family villa in Dubrovnik is Villa Anamaria. Or how about real old world charm at Summer Villa? Check out this article on villas holidays in Mlini Bay for more information. a beach villa or villa with swimming pool. Check out more areas for Dubrovnik villas near lovely beaches..

There is also a great new watersports shop at Mlini Harbour and a kayak and paddle board rental place around the bay in Srebreno. You can also hop on a a boat into Dubrovnik Old Town (it’s about 15 Euros for an adult return ticket) or the other way to Cavtat Bay – or, of course, you can take a day to explore the nearby Elafiti Islands.

Villas in Cavtat – Full of Ambiance

One of the other most sought after places for Dubrovnik villas for rent is Cavtat Bay. With its beautiful old town, Cavtat Bay is a lovely location in the Dubrovnik region. It’s a fantastic place for a holiday – Cavtat has great restaurants and pretty places to swim. There is also a lovely promenade all around its shore, along the beach. Check out these villas in Dubrovnik; Villa Cavtat for great views and Villa Floranneve for it’s large pool and garden. Both are an easy wander to Cavtat Bay.

Other Locations on the Dubrovnik Riviera

Plat Bay, just along from Mlini with its untouched beauty, is another favourite. With its pretty beaches and low key charm, it is a peaceful Dubrovnik holiday location… Have a look at Villa Nightingale for a super villa close to everything in Plat. On the other side of Dubrovnik old town, villages like Zaton Bay, Trsteno, Orasac and Slano snake along the coast. There are many beaches and bays to lose yourself in and relax. Villa Sophia is a great value large villa in Zaton Bay. Likewise, so is Villa Slano on the sea edge. It”s always a favourite for wedding groups. Certainly, villas in Dubrovnik can be better value in nearby bays so don’t just look at Dubrovnik itself. Depending on what sort of location you are after you will likely find some other good villa options. Of course, you could also indulge in a Dubrovnik villa holiday which has a week at a villa rental and a week sailing?

Stay on Dubrovnik’s Elafiti Islands

Additionally, if you feel like an adventure you can also boat out to one of the Elafiti islands  There are three little islands just off the coast of the Dubrovnik Riviera called Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan. Indeed, you could even stay in a Dubrovnik villa rental on an island!

Konavle Villas

More peaceful, Dubrovnik villas here give you the best of both worlds. With little coves, picturesque views and sea edge restaurants, it’s perfect for family enjoyment and relaxation. But it’s close enough to visit Dubrovnik too. For gastro lovers at villas near Dubrovnik – Dubrovnik’s Restaurants are Ready to Indulge you! Head to Konavle just south of Cavtat where the traditional restaurants are to die for. Local set-ups, these offer the best of the season and for those in the know, this is the place to come. Dubrovnik is an unforgettable holiday destination for young and old alike.

Check out the Croatian National Tourist Board site for more information.