Istria Croatia Holiday

Find out were to stay on your Istria Croatia Holiday! Whether you are looking for villas on the beach or a villas with a pool, villas with views or family villas, here’s the low down on our favourite Istria Croatia Holiday locations up and down the coast. Feel free to give us a call for a chat about more Croatia villas – we are happy to help! Whether you’d like a villa with views or a villa closer to the ambiance of the coastal towns, just ask. We spend lots of time in all the locations so feel free to ask anything..


Rovinj is a beautiful old town jutting into the sea with pretty colourful houses and winding, medieval streets – it is around 40km from Pula and one of the must popular towns because it is so pretty!
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Porec is one of the main old towns and destinations on the Istrian peninsula – the old town is beautiful and juts out into the Adriatic Sea – it still has its roman grid street format – in fact you can still visit its original Roman street.
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Pula is the largest town on the Istrian peninsula and has a rich history which dates back 3000 years, indeed it is most famous for it’s stunning Roman ampitheatre which is still used today for concerts and events.
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Photo 1 – Rovinj © Ivo Biocina via Croatian National Tourist Board
Photo 2 – Porec © Ivo Biocina via Croatian National Tourist Board
Photo 3 – Pula © Ivo Biocina via Croatian National-Tourist-Board

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