Visit Split’s new Interactive Museum of Senses

By Saron Lease, 15th February 2019

So what to see after you have immersed yourselves in the sights and sounds of Split’s Old Town and you need a rest from the beach? Well, the whole family will enjoy the new Museum of Senses, with its amazing wealth of interactive exhibits which encourage you to revive and activate your senses, to feel more and to learn something new. The exhibition is divided into zones: sight, hearing, smell, touch and balance. With walk-in installations, objects to touch and feel, and interactive exhibits, all convey museum concepts in a playful and creative way. The aim of the exhibition is to encourage visitors’ creativity, criticism and independence in the way they think and act. The focus is on learning by playing and experimenting.

We are sure the Museum will delight, based on the highly rated museums of senses run by the operators, in Bucharest and Prague.

Photo © Tom Dubravec/ CROPIX

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