Brac Croatia Holiday

Find out were to stay on your Brac Croatia Holiday! Whether you are looking for villas on the beach or a villas with a pool, villas with views or family villas, here’s the low down on our favourite Brac Croatia Holiday locations up and down the coast. Feel free to give us a call for a chat about more Croatia villas – we are happy to help!


Sumartin, Brac is a pretty sea edge town on the Island of Brac with quintessential little harbour and bobbing boats plus beautiful beach.
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Facing south, directly opposite the Island of Hvar, the famous and stunning Zlatni Rat Beach juts out into the turquoise sea – Situated at the edge of the little old town of Bol, it is much photographed due to its shape-shifting beauty  and it’s turquoise colours – the peninsula of shingley sand changes shape with the tides – this beach is much visited and a space on it is sought after!
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Mirca Bay is a pretty little place with beautiful beaches and scenery – just right for getting away from it all and relaxing but the next stop along from Supetar so an easy transfer and close to more action if you get restless.
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Sutivan Bay is a pretty little sea side town near Supetar Bay so it’s a short transfer from the ferry port if you are crossing from Split.
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Pucisca (pronounced “Pooch-its-za”!) is a pretty bay near to Povlja Bay and between the two there are beautiful long inlets which are gorgeous to explore by boat.
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Bol Town is a vibrant little sea side town all through the summer season with a very pretty harbour and lots of bay side restaurants and bars to tempt you.
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Splitska Bay winds down from the coast road above, down through an enchanting valley ending up in a lovely hidden bay with beautiful beaches on either side.
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Supetar is a popular holiday town due to its pretty and atmospheric old town and attractive beaches and pine forests along its coast – If  you are staying in the town, you won’t be short of lovely places to swim, visit or eat!
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Povlja is a little town on the sea on far from Sumartin – if you look on a map you will see it is surrounded by some very pretty coves and beaches so it’s an interesting area with plenty of natural beauty and perfect for getting away from it all!
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Postira: Discover Brač Island’s Charming Coastal Retreat

Postira, a picturesque coastal village on the enchanting Brač Island, invites you to experience an authentic slice of Dalmatian life.
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Milna is a pretty fishing town in a sheltered bay with south facing beaches and crystal clear water, surrounded by pine forest so perfect for lazy days on the beach with family or friends.
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Vidova Gora on the island of Brac is the highest peak of all the Croatian islands – It’s a fantastic view point and apart from being able to see the distant Croatian island of Jabuka (apple) and practically the while of one side of the Island of Hvar, you can apparently see as far as Italy on a clear day!
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Selca is just next to Sumartin on the Island of Brac and just a little bit inland , it has a lovely village square where locals enjoy the sunshine and the coffee bars and as will become clear if you visit Selca, it is famous for it’s stone-masonries!
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Photo 4 – Povlje © Selca Tourist Board
Photo 6 – Milna © Predrag Mandic, Croatian National Tourist Board

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